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Thigh Compression Wrap for Hamstring, Quad & Groin Injuries

ThighComp Single

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  • EFFECTIVE THIGH SUPPORT: Providing targeted compression therapy, the thigh brace supports the hamstring and quadricep while aiding in the recovery of strains and pulls. Secured by dual velcro fasteners, the adjustable compression wrap is constructed with a latex-free, nonslip neoprene for exceptional support throughout any activity. The thigh support allows complete freedom of movement and is perfect for use in any activity, including soccer, baseball, basketball, cycling, and running.
  • RELIEVES STIFF & SORE MUSCLES: Increasing circulation and retaining therapeutic heat, the compression support wrap relieves stiff and sore thigh muscles. Effective for groin, hamstring and quad strains and pulls, the thigh support brace promotes healing, reduces recovery time and is useful in preventing re-injury.
  • VERSATILE NONSLIP FIT: Two premium elastic straps with velcro closures allow the stretchable hamstring support to be adjusted to fit thighs up to 27?in circumference. The nonslip neoprene stays in place throughout the day without sliding or bunching for exceptional comfort. Fitting the right or left leg, the adjustable thigh support can be worn by men or women.
  • INJURY SUPPORT: The StabilityPro thigh wrap brace is perfect for aiding in recovery from injuries to the groin, quad or hamstring, it provides soothing compression relief which increases bloodflow and reduces recovery time, to heal your thigh cramps & thigh problems
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, BREATHABLE NEOPRENE: Lightweight and breathable, the latex-free neoprene wicks away moisture for comfortable wearability. The slim neoprene wrap can be worn under or over clothing.

�b>Adjustable Velcro System: Dual high-strength straps with fully adjustable velcro closure for a ultimate comfort, to provide targeted compression support over pressure level & location, adjust tightness freely according to your needs or favorites to customize the support fit with a full thigh support

�b>One Size Fits All: Free size up to 27" in length, fits your Left or Right thigh, and will comfortably fit anyone from circumference 13.8 to 28.3" mid-thigh (45 to 72 cm), ideal thigh brace for both men and women

�b>Breathable Neoprene:Durable high-elastic and moisture wicking Latex-free neoprene-blend materials for strong compression thigh support, muscles warms and comfort tissue supports, ideal for active users, is designed to accelerate recovery time and wick away sweat to keep you dry throughout your exercise in all circumstances

Main Benefits:
Provides Muscle Warmth
Improves Blood Circulation and Recovery
Relieves Hamstring Swelling
Alleviate Groin Strains & Cramps

â—?Adjustable Thigh Support
The adjustable velcro system provides firm support for weak thigh or torn hamstring, helps to prevent and treat stress injuries, especially recommended for sprains or strains, avoids the misery and frustration resulting from an injured or weak thigh

â—?Hamstring Pain Relief
Use this thigh brace wrap on the injured area for treatment of common muscle injuries, and for relief from pain and swelling, great for pulled groins, thigh bruises and all types of thigh injuries and it is perfect to soothe soreness caused by chronic pain due to overuse

â—?Super Comfortable
It provides constant compression and support, easy to wear and fit your leg comfortably and naturally flexible

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