Multifaceted Cordless Vacuum Cleaner - Wax Seal Stamp - [Royal Wax Seals]
Multifaceted Cordless Vacuum Cleaner - Wax Seal Stamp - [Royal Wax Seals]
Multifaceted Cordless Vacuum Cleaner - Wax Seal Stamp - [Royal Wax Seals]
Multifaceted Cordless Vacuum Cleaner - Wax Seal Stamp - [Royal Wax Seals]
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Multifaceted Cordless Vacuum Cleaner - Wax Seal Stamp - [Royal Wax Seals]
Multifaceted Cordless Vacuum Cleaner - Wax Seal Stamp - [Royal Wax Seals]
Multifaceted Cordless Vacuum Cleaner - Wax Seal Stamp - [Royal Wax Seals]
Multifaceted Cordless Vacuum Cleaner - Wax Seal Stamp - [Royal Wax Seals]
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Multifaceted Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

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Awarded as One Of The Best Vacuum Cleaners In 2018 By New York Magazine!


It's super light weight and ultra powerful making sure there is nothing left behind when it come's through for an robust clean!

⚠Only 5 Units Left Worldwide at 60% OFF

Let's be honest you love your furry friend they bring you so much joy and comfort throughout the day. You literately take them everywhere you go Car, Bed and Living room.

Their is just one little problem to this...your furry friend tend to shed a lot and that causes a lot of loose hairs to be left in places you didn't expect them to be. This can be very frustrating especially when you tired everything to get them up Rubber gloves, Hair rollers and Dry sponges.

With this Multifaceted vacuum cleaner you can say goodbye to those ridiculous tools and expense car wash...this cordless vacuum cleaner is the best solution to completely exterminate those hairs.

Ultra light weight 4.85lbs perfect for upward cleaning 

✔ Cordless so no more hassle tangling with the cord

✔ Dig out dirt from hardwood and carpet floors

✔ Quit as a mouse so it won't hurt your pet ears 


The Multifaceted vacuum cleaner is like none of it's kind it's maneuverability and power is what makes it so great. With it's long lasting battery it gives you more then enough time to get your house nice and spotless. Stop getting hampered by the cord and misery unplugging.

This vacuum cleaner has extreme power up to 7000pa making cleaning up a mess that much easier. It has two suction mode so you can stay in control of your cleaning. One click and it's in energy saving mode two clicks and it's in high efficiency mode for a better more efficient clean.

This vacuum has a 100 degree swivel nozzle making it super flexible and easy to hit all the spots a normal vacuum could never reach. Making sure you get all the little spots your has been hidden in.

This also come with 3 additional cleaning brush so you can clean those tiny little spots making your house squeaky clean.

What Makes This Vacuum Cleaner So Unique

This has a unbelievable HEPA filtration system that is washable. The HEPA system lock small particles that other vacuums could never do just recirculating back into the air of your home. This prevents the spread of allergies and bacteria. 


Take With You On The Go

You can get a deeper clean in your car as well with hand held part of this Multifaceted cordless vacuum cleaner. The hand held works great in all areas in your car so you can never miss a spot.this is competently safe to use as this is backed by the BPA. 

The Multifaceted Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is by far the best and most powerful cordless vacuum cleaner in the market making your pet lose hairs vanish in seconds.

Customer Testimonials 

"The Multifaceted Cordless Vacuum Cleaner was easy to unpack and simple to assemble. The vacuum is light weight and has a lot of vacuum power. The vacuum head was one of my favorite features. It was compact. I got to vacuum small places that had been out of reach. It was also very flexible. I could move at different angles to vacuum. It works great for the car. When I need to vacuum my car, I don’t need use the coin operated vacuum at the gas station. You can put the brush attachment directly on the motor body. It is very light and can get into narrow spaces. Overall, I love this powerful little machine."-Jack Smith

"This is the Multifaceted Cordless Vacuum Cleaner and I got it a few weeks ago. I have used it many times and it has made my experience much more streamline. The vacuum has 3 different nozzles and I use the largest one for the most. You can detach the actual vacuum from the nozzle and stick and can use a shorter nozzle to clean tight areas. There is a charger that is included and the battery life is very long. The instructions are very simple and using the vacuum is very intuitive. There are two modes for the vacuum and one is slower and one is faster. They are both very good at cleaning and are used for different situations. My floors have never been cleaner!"- Randy Paul

"I used it yesterday to vacuum the entire house, hard floors, area rugs and the amount of suction it has is really amazing, this unit picks up hair, dirt, litter...all of it it with ease. This vacuum is very light, able to carry easily, maneuvers around easily. It's cordless, so I don't have to switch to different outlets while I'm cleaning in different rooms. It's hard to use if you have a long staircase, but I do and I make it work pretty well. This vacuum is going to make my life easier. Our house will be great clean from now on and it picked up dog hair perfectly..
Overall I love the vacuum. I have hard wood floors and area rugs, and have even used it in my car, and it works great!"-Alex Evans


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Frequently Asked Questions

is it very loud? Not much. You can talk with people when it is running.

On the mini handheld vacuum does the trigger have to be held continuously to be on? Or is there an on/off switch? There is on/off switch. No need to hold the trigger.

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